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Diagnostico is our electronic clinical record and our portfolio of value-added services for physicians and clinics in Mexico & Latinamerica.

Our Offer.

Diagnostico, is our portfolio of value added services to the medical sector, built around our application of Electronic Clinical File.

Our EMR is a friendly and accessible solution that allows you to keep track of your medical records. It does not require investments in equipment or maintenance, all your information is safe in the cloud, through the use of security certificates, similar to those used by financial institutions to perform banking operations.

Diagnostico - Expediente Clínico Electrónico

Value-added services such as:

  • Local positioning of your clinic
  • Optimization of your presence in social networks
  • Managing your presence on social networks
  • Image consulting (logos, business cards, folders, etc.)
  • Design and manufacture of recipes, business cards, folders, etc.